Recess Duty/Lunch


1) Do your elementary teachers eat with their students? 2) Do your elementary teachers perform recess duty during the school day?
Connie Vermeulen


`.  Teachers eat in the lunchroom at the same time as the students, however they sit at their own table.  Every teacher that has contact with an elementary student has 30 minutes of outside recess duty a week.  Aides have 45-60 minutes a week.

Shirley Haar
Colman-Egan School


No, In Canistota teachers used to be required to eat with their students. They then asked for a duty free lunch time. Now each teacher has a noon recess duty once a week(this is their only recess duty for the week) and the principal supervises the lunchroom every day.

Don Kom


This has been a good point of discussion at Castlewood. Currently, our elementary teachers do a rotating basis of lunch duty. They each have one week every 10 weeks. If they don't have lunch duty, they are free to use that time as they wish. Regarding recess duty, we have two people on the playground at all times. Therefore, our teachers each have one recess duty per week. This is scheduled and never changes. They have either the morning or afternoon recess. They never have the noon duty recess. We have paraprofessionals who cover the rest of the recess time. I also take one recess duty and monitor the hall when students are coming and going from recess.

Terri L. Tillma
Elementary Principal
Castlewood School Dist.
(605) 793-2497


1. No, not usually. We have a lunchroom person assigned.  2. Every teacher has recess duty or lunch duty.

Cindy Schneider


No, our teachers do not eat with the students on a regular basis. Yes, each teacher has two lunch or recess duties per week. Some teachers prefer all outdoor recess, some prefer lunchroom, and some have scheduling difficulties that determine when they are available.

Mrs. Nancy L. Springer, Elementary Principal
Toronto Elementary School
Box 399
Toronto, SD 57268


We have all teachers assigned to lunch room duty and all teachers assigned to recess duty. We also have our aides assigned as well so that minimizes the amount of duties.

Tanja Pederson


The principal covers the lunchroom. Teachers do have recess duty.

Keith Mc Vay


1. Elementary teachers do not eat with their students.

2. Yes, elementary teachers perform recess duty.

Merry Bleeker
Stanley County School
Fort Pierre, SD


In Sioux Falls, teachers have a duty free lunch time of 30 minutes guaranteed. Lunch period is 45 minutes but teachers can volunteer to work in lunchroom or on playground for additional pay. All teachers have recess duty either before/after school or during the school day.

The amount of duty has to do with how frequently students have recess.

For example, Grades 3-5 have one recess daily of 20 minutes besides lunch recess so those teachers don't have as many recess duties as they are supervising in their classrooms. Gr. K-2 have two recesses per day of 15 minutes each in addition to their lunch recess. They do not have recess on the two 1/2 days when they have gym class.

Nancy Duncan
Sioux Falls


Valley View and Rapid City Schools have recess duties for teachers for morning and afternoon recess. They also have before and after school supervisory duties for 10 minutes. Not everyday, all certified staff share in these duties. Teachers do not normally eat lunch with their children. The Negotiated Agreement states that teachers have a duty free lunch

Wayne Rosby
Rapid City


Pierre teachers have 'duty-free lunch'. All noon recess and lunchroom duty is covered with aides/tutors. Teachers have 8:00 duty and morning and afternoon recess duty. If the teachers eat with their students, it is most often as a reward and the kids take their lunches to the classrooms

Ruth Smith


1) No, although I wish they would. By contract we have a duty free lunch for teachers. 2) Yes, we have recess by grades and the teachers work out a schedule for duty. We have two teachers on at a time for about 105 children.

Norman Graham
Sturgis Elementary


Some teachers eat with students for special occasions in their rooms, and I have one teacher who eats in the lunchroom with her kids every day.
Yes to recess duty. Morning and afternoon. I have aides cover lunch, and my specials cover before and after school.

Hank Fridell


No my teachers do not eat with their students and no they do not have ANY recess duty (is part of their negotiated agreement).

Lynette Powell
Hot Springs


My teachers do not eat with their students, unless it is done as an incentive and then they take trays back to their classroom and eat there...then the children go out to recess with the other students.

2) Do your elementary teachers

perform recess duty during the school day?

My teachers have morning duty on a rotating basis, then WE ALL have bus duty. If a classroom teacher takes a recess break she may team up with another teacher and they alternate for supervision. SOme CRT's just take students out and supervise themselves.

Out lunch is duty free for teachers.

Ruth Claeys


Yes, the teachers have duty. Some eat on the go while they are supervising.

Yes, all teachers have recess duty.

Lori Bouza
Early Childhood Principal/Federal Programs Coordinator
Wagner Community School
Wagner, South Dakota
PH: 605.384.3393


We have our paras monitor the lunchroom for extra pay and every teacher including our paras has recess duty throughout the week.

Carey Mitzel


Elementary teachers at my building do not eat with the students. This is one of the few times during the day that they have to visit with adults.

Elementary teachers have a rotating schedule for AM and PM recess. Lunch recess is covered by the lunchroom monitors.

Dan Olson
Meade County


My teachers do not eat with our elementary students!

Yes, they do have recess duty once per week and one noon duty (longer recess) one time each month.

Melissa Broberg


Our teachers at Parkston do not have to eat with their students. Some do. We have aides and teachers that are scheduled to work the lunchroom as part of their duty rotation. The teachers that are on the schedule do get paid for their time because they also have a recess duty at some point and time.

Rob Monson


Menno teachers do not eat with the students. I supervise the lunchroom so they can eat. The teachers do have recess duty during the school day.

Terry Quam
K-8 Principal
PO Box 346
Menno Elementary
Menno, SD 57045


1. No We have a teacher assigned to monitor the lunchroom.

2. Yes Every teacher (including the music teachers) have recess duty. Monitoring the lunchroom is considered like a recess duty.

Jerry Joachim


In Iroquois teachers rotate lunch room duty and recess duty throughout the week.

Lori Wehlander


No, our teachers do not eat with the students. They eat in the lounge or quickly go home ( about 45 minutes ). Some do on special occasions.

Yes, teachers are assigned recess duties ( before school, A.M. and P.M.)

Loren Struble,



Our teachers do not eat with the students except on special occasions.

Example - teacher choice, the students have to eat in the classrooms because the Christmas Program is set up in the gym/lunchroom, all school picnic.

Duties - each staff member has one duty per week that is either before school (7:45 - 8:00) or after school (2:35 - 2:50). In addition to this each grade level arranges the daily recess of one ten minute recess. Grade levels may go out at the same time thus meaning that their obligations for supervision are about once or twice per week for recess. This is in addition to the before/after school duty.

Would you also send around a question for me?

Six schools in our district are in a pilot for standards-based report cards.

My question would be for any others who have used standards-based reporting and Honor Roll. What did you do for student recognition that may have replaced Honor Roll?

Jackie Higlin, Black Hawk Elementary


Yes, our teachers have recess duty in the am recess. Our noon recess is covered by educational assistants. We do not have an afternoon recess.

Our teachers do not eat with our students.

John Decker- Principal
Simmons Elementary
1500 South Third Street
Aberdeen, SD 57401


We ask each teacher to help cover one lunch duty each week. We eat in three shifts and I help monitor two shifts. As an incentive to our staff to help, we give them lunch free on the day that they work. It has been very successful. We even have some that will volunteer to help if needed although they may look at the menu for the day before they sign up!

Also each teacher has two recess duties each week. The bulk of our recess and other duties are covered by educational assistants and parent volunteers. Most of the staff are happy with the arrangement.

Kevin Nelson


Our teachers do not eat with their students. They are guaranteed a 30 minute duty free lunch by contract.

Outside of before school and lunch, our students only have a recess if their classroom teacher takes them outside.

Linda D. Null


My elementary teachers don't eat w/ their students, but they do have recess duty a few times per week.

Kirby Baier

Harding County


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